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​𓇼Car Share Surf Club𓇼

Iki Island Car Rental

Iki rental car 𓇼SURFCLUB𓇼

💡The surf club isclosest to each portIt's a rental car.

💡Available for rental 24 hours a day, and the price is very reasonable!

​💡Please feel free to contact us first.

SURFCLUBStation list for ​

Rental car SURFCLUB is available from all major ports in Iki.Within 2-5 minutes walkWe are located in





長崎県壱岐市芦辺町箱崎中山触 2604番地58



長崎県壱岐市石田町印通寺浦字目坂 469番83




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Usage fee

Available from 275 yen for 15 minutes.
Gasoline fee and liability insurance included

Advantageous pricing, with free gasoline and a warranty included in the basic price.
​Please use the provided gas card to refuel.

Drop-off service at the port or your accommodation is also available for an additional 1,100 yen.
(Available for reservations of 3 hours or more,By the previous business dayWe accept inquiries by phone or email. )


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Price list PC 23・12.jpg

💡Going around Iki IslandApproximately 65kmThat's about it.


*1.Pack prices are automatically calculated at the time of reservation, and the lowest price is always applied.
*2.One reservation can be made for up to 6 days (144 hours).

*High season rates (+1,100 yen/day) will be applied from April 27th to May 6th, July 13th to August 31st, and December 28th to January 3rd.
*Reservations can be made from 3 months in advance.

About compensation

Even if you are involved in an accident, your insurance money will be paid through our auto insurance policy. Don't worry, we have full roadside assistance and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The price also includes deductible compensation, which reduces your out-of-pocket costs to zero when applying for insurance.

​ *If the rental becomes impossible due to an accident, theft, defacement, etc., a non-operation charge (NOC) may be charged. For more informationExplanation of important mattersPlease confirm.

About distance charges

Distance charge is a charge of 16 yen/Km added to the distance traveled from the start of use.


(Example) If you drive a [Light] vehicle for 12 hours and drive 50km

①Basic price 12 hour pack: 6,600 yen

②Distance fee: 50km x 16 yen/km = 800 yen

​↓The total usage fee is

​① Basic fee 6,600 yen + ② Distance fee 800 yen =7,400It will be yen.

*For refueling, please use the card (free of charge) provided in the vehicle.

SURFCLUB How to use 🎥

A short movie that explains how to use the surf club in just 1 minute!

It's very easy to use, and there's no reception or waiting time.

With just one smartphone, you can return it from the moment you start using it.

Please enjoy a comfortable trip to Iki with a Surf Club rental car.

Rental car SURFCLUB​'s ​ car model lineup

At the surf club, we have vehicles that allow you to enjoy the outdoors to your heart's content!

Iki Rental Car Type
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