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After returning the item, I realized that I had left something behind.

What should I do?

Even after you have finished using the service, you can unlock the door only once using [Unlock Lost Items] from the member page.

When you have finished collecting your lost items, press [Lock Door] and you are done. *If 10 minutes have passed since the end of use, you will not be able to unlock your lost items, so please contact the members-only help desk.


It looks like the return time will be delayed due to a problem.

You can extend your membership up to two times from the membership page.

If you exceed the usage time without permission, you will be charged an overage fee, so if you think you will be late, please be sure to extend your usage time.


Is it safe even in case of an accident or breakdown?

Even in the event of an accident or breakdown, you can rest assured that our car insurance covers you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



・対人補償:無制限 (自賠責保険を含む)



​Can I change or cancel my reservation?

You can change your reservation up to two times from the reservation confirmation screen on the membership site.

The same applies to reservation cancellations.

Cancellation fees are as follows.

Until 24 hours before start of use: Free

After 24 hours: 50% of usage fee

After the start time of use: 100% of the usage fee

​ *Please contact us by phone or email for reservation changes from the 3rd time onwards.

*This excludes unavoidable circumstances such as ferry cancellations, so please contact us by phone or email.

​ *Please note that reservation changes will not be possible after 60 minutes before the start time.


What if you don't know how to operate it in the middle of the night?

Our member-only help desk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rest assured, our staff who are familiar with operating procedures are always on hand.


Can I bring my pet along?

This is possible if you use the deck van's loading platform.

​Please note that other vehicles are not allowed.

Please be sure to use a gauge and use the loading platform at the rear of the vehicle. Please note that we ask that you refrain from riding with others in the vehicle to avoid any trouble.

Compatible car models:Ashibe Station Deck Van,Gonoura Station Deck Van


Can I drop off the car?

You can drop off your vehicle if you use it for more than 3 hours!

If you apply by phone or email by the day before your visit, we will accept it for an additional 1,100 yen.

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request due to busy periods or reservation status, so please contact us in advance.

telephone number:092-409-7833 (Weekdays 8:00~18:00)



 ※1 2024年ハイシーズン期間:4/27~5/6、7/13~8/31


​ メール


I want to rent it right away, but does it take time to register as a member?

If the information you entered is correct, registration will generally be completed on the same day, or at the latest by the next business day.

If you are in a hurry, please let us know by phone or email.

In addition, membership is free and there is no monthly membership fee, so it is very convenient to register in advance once you have decided on your itinerary to Iki.


[Inquiries regarding membership registration]

Island Technology Co., Ltd.

telephone number:092-409-7833 (9:00~18:30)









Can you issue a receipt?

If you send us the necessary information by email, we will send you a receipt.We will send you the PDF data.

If you would like a receipt, please send the following information to the email address below:

①Member registration name

②Registered phone number

③Receipt address

④Date and time of use


[Inquiries regarding receipts]

Island Technology Co., Ltd.









壱岐市交通安全協会 (壱岐警察署内) 壱岐市郷ノ浦町本村郷551-1  0920-47-0277





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